Coaching versus Therapy?

Ever wonder what the differences are between Coaching and Therapy?

Produce yourself by saying Yes!

I often wonder where I would be if I had not listened to the voice of God. Where would I be if I had not stepped onto the path to walk a Spiritually Reliable life? Once upon a time, I had one of those breakdown moments in the shower. I felt as if I was losing... Continue Reading →

Birthing a Dream, Spring Has Sprung!

Last November I planted sixty new bulbs along the west side of our house and this week green shoots are popping up like Christmas lights in the dead of winter. Early January I trimmed back our giant hydrangea and with more sunlight coming through the window recently I am noticing all of the new buds... Continue Reading →

Intention is Everything

“Intention is everything, says Richard Seaman the founder of Seattle Life Coach Training. Without having a daily intention you're wandering aimlessly without a plan.”  As a SLCT graduate one of my many life changing take aways from the five-month Seattle Life Coach Training program was about speaking my  intention into the Universe. It is now two... Continue Reading →

Is it time to Discover Your God Given Gifts?

Gifts and Graces.  We all have them.  Those unique characteristics and talents that live within each of us.  Those pieces of ourselves that make us shiny and unlike any other. The magic that merges the “doing” with the “being.” The painter.  The singer. The writer. The compassionate listener. The number cruncher.  Whatever our gifts may... Continue Reading →

Making Friends In Your Later Years- the blog

One of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts‘ wonderful life coaches,  Richard Seaman was the professional advice behind this article, written by Ashley Macha, from AZ Central.  Here is some helpful information we would like to share on behalf of Richard, who so graciously volunteered to offer his professional life coaching advice to all. How important is friendship at any age? Friendships create a unique,... Continue Reading →

Are you in the Gap? the blog

“You are not where you were and you are not where you want to be. You are in between, inside the Gap brewing possibility" For years now many of my personal clients have come into session for many reasons, but the one thing I know is most of my clients come to be life coached because... Continue Reading →

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