Letting Go is actually Letting things In

A few weeks ago I was looking for one of my favorite shirts in my overstuffed drawer of shirts.  As I dug deeper and deeper, I found pieces of clothing dating back to my college days. What on earth was I doing with clothes from 17 years ago?  As I pondered this question, I heard the sweet voice of GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) whisper in my ear, “Girl, it’s time to let go of things that no longer serve you, and clothes are probably the easiest.” I knew she was right and fortunately, through my transformational experience with Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT), I was already in process.

“Letting go is the only time you’ll ever really know,” says Richard Seaman, Founder and Director of (SLCT). “In letting go of thoughts, beliefs, and actions that no longer serve your greater higher purpose, you are clearing space for miracles to happen.” There is an energetic flow to life and holding on to past ways of being interrupts the flow and creates blockages.  These blockages act as roadblocks for higher intention and communication with our inner knowing.  Eventually, we become stuck and bound to things we can no longer change while simultaneously being too full to accept the gifts of the present.

As a graduate of SLCT and Empowerment Coach, most of my clients come to me with a desire to change and up-level their lives.  One of the first truths we encounter together is that change is uncomfortable. Whether it is saying good-bye to that oversized tye-died shirt from college or recognizing that a job/relationship no longer serves us, letting go can be scary. It stretches us.  Pulls us in different directions.  Exposes our vulnerabilities. But as Richard Seaman says, “When you are uncomfortable, you are growing.” When you are growing, you are courageously opening yourself up to miracles and the opportunity to meet your divine, most brilliant self.

So, what are you holding on to right now? What is it costing you? What would happen if you let go and created an intention to bring something new into your life? As a person who likes to work from the inside out, my closets may take a bit longer to clear but I can honestly say that I am setting a daily intention to let go and let in the miracles of my greatest, most graceful self. Will you join me?

If the answer is “yes” and you are interested in the SLCT Life Coaching program, we have two offerings for you.  A new fast track to Life Coaching certification program, beginning March 17, 2014 which meets every Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 10:30 pm for 3 months or August 15, 2014 weekend courses. Check out the website www.SLCTSeattle.com for all the details!

Brandie Smith
SLCT Co-Facilator

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