Is it time to Discover Your God Given Gifts?

Gifts and Graces.  We all have them.  Those unique characteristics and talents that live within each of us.  Those pieces of ourselves that make us shiny and unlike any other. The magic that merges the “doing” with the “being.” The painter.  The singer. The writer. The compassionate listener. The number cruncher.  Whatever our gifts may be, they are needed to heal the world. And yes, we are that powerful.  By living boldly and authentically, we can touch others with our greatness.

If you’re ready to step into your greatness, get a little dirty, and revel in your brilliance, I have a gift for you. Beginning on Friday, January 10, 2014, Richard Seaman, Founder and Director of Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT), will help you begin your journey to connecting with your unique gifts by offering an inspirational presentation entitled “Five Steps to Spiritual Listening.” Richard’s talk will be the first in a series called “Discovering Your Gifts and Graces” offered by SLCT on the first Friday of every month.

The beauty of SLCT’s inspirational series, is that the path to discovering our inner brilliance isn’t always easy.  It requires soul searching, growth, dancing in the mystery, and faith in divine timing.  In my own life, I’ve travelled many roads.  I’ve fallen down.  I’ve laid down. I’ve starred myself down in the mirror, imploring my soul to speak to me. I’ve kicked and screamed.  I’ve denied my light.  I’ve played many roles and met many expectations. And now, as I allow myself to embrace the uniqueness that is me, I can revel in the journey I took to get here. I don’t regret a single moment. Learning to be my true, authentic self is sweet and I am grateful for all of my ‘Brandie-ness.”

By joining us at Seattle Life Coach Training’s monthly talks, you are taking the first step to listening to the song of your soul.  SLCT is committed to creating a supportive and sacred space for community members to unveil your unique gifts and graces.  After each presentation, we will be offering complimentary coaching sessions to further guide you in your journey.  Some of the other upcoming topics include: Apply Love in February; Authentic Refill in March; and Unveiling the Lone Wolf in April.  For more information on SLCT, Richard Seaman, and the other Facilitators, please visit  We look forward to seeing you.

Brandie Smith
SLCT Co-Facilitator



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