Are you in the Gap? the blog

“You are not where you were and you are not where you want to be. You are in between,
inside the Gap brewing possibility”

For years now many of my personal clients have come into session for many reasons, but the one thing I know is most of my clients come to be life coached because they are facing some sort of dilemma in their lives, in which they feel they are out of control and unable to move forward because of a paralyzing fear, which is moving through them. The stories are always different but somewhat familiar to me with the list of reasons going on and on.
As I sit with my clients and hold a scared space for them as they share their stories with me. I have a body sensation of joy bubbling up of within me. I know this sacred soul before me is shifting, changing, healing, stretching and most importantly evolving to a higher and different level from where they were. They are going through a space of time, which I call the Gap. Gap stands for “God’s automatic purge”, which means you are not where you were and you are not where you want to be. You are in between, inside the Gap brewing possibility. In this moment of time – The Gap, we might feel a sense of overwhelm to the point of never knowing how we are going to move through this and make it to the other side unscaled and still alive, without loosing all the things we have work so hard to obtain. There could be a paralyzing fear, which has the potential of totally derailing us into a place of depression, anxiety and leaving us completely wrecked and unable to move on with our lives. The doom comes in like a wild winter storm taking away all visibility and leaving you with a blinded sense of perception. Letting doubt and fear come into your mind and creating the most negative outcomes opposed to positive outcomes. Doubt being the enemy, which only feeds the ego the perfect meal to continue to survive and feed off of your emotions and fear. Doubt, meaning, “Digging out uncertainty blindly threatening your faith.”

Every person has been in a Gap before in his or her lives. We just forget the total paralyzing fear we experienced then because we moved on and got through it. We all have times when we were in a Gap in the past and somehow it all worked itself out. This is where your faith comes into play. This is where you have to remind yourselves that there has been trying times before in the past and somehow you were able get through it and handle it. It always worked out. Tell me a time when it didn’t?   This is when we have to walk into the Gap with blind faith knowing we will move through this in perfect timing.

When you are in the Gap it is probably the most uncomfortable place to stand. It can be easy to loose perspective of what is really happening and begin to spin out of control. Seeing the big picture can be very hard to visualize because in this time you are anchored in the middle of the river not knowing if you should go left or right. Sometimes when we are inside the Gap we need to just be quiet and do nothing except wait on God’s still voice within you, the center of whom you are to nudge you, to move you forward. Reminding yourself that everything is in divine timing and you have no control, except how you choose to see things. Surrendering and connecting to your faith, remembering this will pass too. No storm will last forever.

Is your faith greater than your doubt when you are in the gap? The Gap is a reset – taking you from once to place to another. It is a time when God needs to get you to another level or place in your life – and even though God may have given you clues and hints, for whatever reason you might have missed them. In order for God to get you to where you need to be He had to rip the rug out from underneath you and shake up your reality. Remember, when we are the most uncomfortable – we are growing the most!


Richard Seaman
Founder of Seattle Life Coach Training

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