Uncharted Territory

Feeling lost?

Did you know that when you feel lost that maybe you are really right where you are supposed to be? Being guided and filtered to the next person, place or experience you need to move forward on your own personal life’s journey? Is there ever a wrong turn? I remember when I was a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines I used to wander on layovers in cities I had never been before, nine times out of ten I would always find some new cool restaurant, park or have some outrageous experience I would have never had if I would have stayed on the path most frequented by the masses. I have learned to listen to my inner navigational system (GPS) and wander like a leave in the wind with no expectations or attachments to the outcome. When I felt lost I would only see it as a new adventure that was taking me somewhere I was suppose to be. Many have heard the phrase, “It is the journey that matters not the destination”…right? As Maxwell Maltz points out “A step in the wrong direction is better than staying on one spot all of our life. Once you’re moving forward you can correct your course as you go. Your automatic guidance system cannot guide you when you’re standing still.”

We are evolving species by nature, evolving is something we have been doing for millions and billions of years. Evolving will never end unless this earth palace is taken away from us and we are no longer human beings on the journey of life. But, then again we don’t know what is beyond this time and place and what is on the other-side of the light? More of something we can’t see or possibly cannot grasp in this body suit? In my experience the Universe, God has pulled the rug out from underneath me when I have gone complacent in my life. As I have talked about this before, complacency is a slow death to the soul and when we feel lost in our life’s I wonder if this is God’s way of shifting and changing up the scenery so we can feel alive with energy moving through us.

Think about this: When you are feeling lost in your life and do not know which way you should go next do you not feel adrenaline moving through your body? Your heart beats harder; you might begin to sweat a little? It is almost like fight or flight and you go into primal mode and dive down deep within yourself and find the warrior and survivor within you. When you do finally get back on course and find the path, which is your next destination you then realize you’re awake and alive with life moving through you and all around you!

Feeling lost to me is only a great invitation to find the warrior survivor within me. I embrace it, I walk towards it and I breath deeply into it and know, that I know, that I know.

In Divine Timing,
Richard Seaman
Seattle Life Coach Training 

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